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A 14 year kid hacked connected cars

Computer is into every part of our day today activities and to be sure the security for all is much needed. Now cars are connected via computers and the a 14 year old kid hacked into the cars connected and can able to lock and unlock the doors, use windshield wipers, flash the headlight on and off, remote start the vehicle and much more which is really amazing and mind blowing by the viewer’s according to the internet resources.

car hacking

The kid had supposed to remote infiltrate the car with the help of some assembled device from the experts which is about $15 for building his own circuit in a Radio Shack. This is really amazing for sure and the big question is what about the security. The car was manufactured with the high affordable, efficient and most beauty and the security becomes one of the most cyber threat. The kid has shown this security vulnerable issue with the famous brand cars which is added into the internet resource. According to the blog, the issue was revealed in the challenge event.

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