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Alternative to Microsoft Outlook – eM Client

Microsoft Office products play the vital role for most of the business peoples and you know that there are many features also which makes the cost also high. Most of the users who like to go for open source products choose the alternative for Microsoft Product like Kingsoft Office, Open Office and much more. One of most important feature was Microsoft Outlook which provides the awesome features that other doesn’t like calendars, contacts which is most important for all sort users. There are other alternatives for Outlook like Thunderbird but most of the users would say that Microsoft Outlook was the best email client.

em client

Now there was an alternative for Microsoft Outlook is called eM client which provides the most important features like Contact, Calendar and also the chat options which is available for free. There is also the Pro version of eM client version 6 which provides the some added features which comes out for $49.95. the difference between free and pro version is that only one email account can be configured for free and also for personal use where as the pro version of eM client provides the unlimited email account configuration and also available for business edition.

The added feature of eM client is the import option of PST file and also thunder bird file to it and also provides the compatibility for the outlook backed up file. It also works best with most of the major products like Gmail, Exchange, Outlook which is most needed for the users to add and Migration features.