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Android Battery Channel Monitor by IFTTT

Every day there is a new tool and new tool are emerging for making the life easy by optimizing and risky free monitoring your devices that helps you for easy management. The most important consideration today for the smart phones is their battery backup and today the IFTTT which stands for “If this, then that” has added the feature of managing the battery life that helps you to hold your phone for a long time.

Android Battery Channel

Android Battery Channel is the name of the added feature that is dedicated to the life of mobile battery which stops the use of Bluetooth, wifi which the option is enabled in your smartphone. It also provides two other options that helps you for the indication of via a message to your phone or to wearable watch devices that helps the user about the notification and also it helps in update of your Google Drive that helps for you to track your mobile battery management.


IFTTT also helps in connection of apps including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Gmail, YouTube, square and much more. The IFTTT team is really doing the great things for the benefits of the users with new features which is much needed in everyone day today life on part of digital life.