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Android Malware that forwards your Text Message

Everyday there is an update with Android and to be sure that there is good and some bad. Now there is a malware in android that forwards your text message when you received to the other without knowing to you as a normal user.

Russian Antivirus Company Doctor Web has found the Trojan in the Android devices that can forward your text message to others. The Trojan named Android. Pincer .2.origin which is from the family of Android. Pincer which can able to send the text message that you received in your android phone to others and some secret information from Bank, some codes can be passed to the others which is not be shared.



If the user who is not aware will be receiving the message that the certificate was installed successfully while installing the program into the android device. After the successful installation by the careless user, the application i.e., the Trojan will start to the process with CheckCommandServices from the background service. Once the application launched successfully and connected to the remote server, the Trojan will share information with the information’s like

  • Device Number
  • Mobile Model
  • IMEI
  • Operating System

And much more details will be shared with the remote server.

Pincer Check command service

The commands will be used to send the messages to the remote server means to the unauthorized user and may share some secret information like password, transaction number, online banking code etc., will be insecure.