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Android Phone with Dual Display

A phone with dual display let the mobile world to tremendous change in industry. A new YotaPhone which is newly implemented with Dual Display in Mobile World Congress. Yotaphone comes with Light Crystal Display (LCD) in front and e-ink at the back. The displays in both sides are coated with light weight, highly damage resistant Corning Gorilla Glass 2.yotaphone_001

Another important is the displays are linked to each other in which a image or an item can move from one side to other which will mostly attracted the mobile users. At the E-ink display which allows the effortless streaming information with less power. This Yotaphone allows customizing the screen. In electronic display (e-ink) allows your personal space for notifications like social media, reading news and your favorites and the other LCD for your fun world.

The new YotaPhone is a dual – core Snapdragon S4 CPU at 1.5 GHz with 2GB Ram and minimum of 32GB Storage. Both displays are 4.3 inches diagonally.  Android Version 4.1 adds the strength on the software end for the performance and higher issues. Swipe is move to home screen and other locations. Right to left leads to home screen and half swipe to the back option.


In addition, built in functions, Yota Devices will release a new tool for the third party apps that use the E-Ink display. The product will be released by the end of 2013.