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Androidly – Android Smart Watch


Four Indian students have successfully created a watch based on Android. This smart watch is named as Androidly. Ankit Pradhan, Pavneet Singh Puri, Apurva Sukant, Siddhant Vats was in to the product design.

Apple and Google were working on the process and product of hands free and now this Androidly has made the positive approach. Androidly works on Android Version 2.2 Froyo, even though it is not the updated version, the product works successful.

Androidly Handsfree

Androidly holds the specification as follows

  • 416 MHz Processor
  • 256 MB inbuilt Ram with up to 16 GB expandable memory
  • Bluetooth, wifi
  • 2 Mega pixel Camera
  • GPS
  • 2 inch Touch Screen
  • 2.5 GSM network
  • About 160 g in weight

And to be sure that the smart watch Androidly is available with infinite apps.

Androidly on Driving


The company says that the product was designed with integrate to your present and new lifestyle. Androidly was available in Black, White, Grey color for the Android Smart watch. They have also added the comparative price for the other watches like Pebble, Metawatch, I’m Watch, Cookoo and much more. The price is about $219 and company is looking for funding and we should now wait for the further process in the world of technology. Will it be a competitor of the other giants in smart watch technology?

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