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App that improves your Battery in Android Phone


Every mobile user has think about battery and it life especially on their journey. Since the usage of mobile is increased and now today in our internet world everything comes to mobile and I am sure battery also has to play the important role in it. Today most of the app that drain the battery which makes the user to weird and sure we think about the battery backup while purchase a phone.

Battery Guru1Battery Guru1

Quadcomm’s Snapdragon Batter Guru App is one of the apps that help to solve your battery drain issue. This app had difference from other apps since it is intelligent and it automatically helps in saving the battery usage. It stops the unwanted on unused programs including WiFi and other applications that uses battery in wanted time. This app will learn your usage for small days and it will be act according to it and also on the other side this app will be keeps on learning according to mobile usage and helps your support for the battery life.

The below video will helps you learn more

Is your battery has a draining problem, use this app and let me know your feedback.

Battery Guru Quadcomm1

You can grab Quadcomm’s Snapdragon Battery Guru App here for android phones.