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App that review on Men by Women


Two women Alison Schwartz and Alexandra Chong who are friends had created an app that makes private review and recommendations of Men. The name of the app is Lulu which is available for android and iPhone. Lulu is created especially for Women by women to talk about men. The founder says that with the help of Lulu you can review about guys with tools, questionnaire and much more features.




Unlike other social networking or other apps, Lulu experience as it to be private and it says that it will not be shared with anyone like on Facebook wall or other unless you give the conformation to do it. This app makes the mysterious world for the women and to share some secrets and some times of the crush.


This makes a researcher for the girls to work on and this Lulu is dedicated to Women and relationship and to be providing some fun for the users that help you in guide or provide some support that women provide each other in real life.

Hope this attract women what is your thought about it?