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Apple iTunes Radio for you


Apple had finally launched streaming music service iTunes Radio. Apple always holds the best. Apple announced officially at WWDC 2013 in San Francisco. Apple adds that it is radio re-imagined. You can access from all devices and sure you will have the most featured stations, more music and all your favorites.

iTunes Radio siri

Same as Pandora now apple holds its own music streaming service. Now it you can create and customize according your likes and you want to hear. You can also choose according to your favorite music, genres, artist and much more.

iTunes Songs list iTunes Radio

You can also add play more list and list which is to be played and which is not be played while listening to the music. You can add, edit, and delete stations on your wish. You can ask siri to play according to your location, your mood with hot tracks. You can also ask Siri to add, play, pause, and remove to the music while you are on travel, work and many more into it. As of now iTunes Radio is now available only in US.

Itunes Radio stations

What do you think about iTunes and Pandora?