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ATM hacking done by using Computer Virus

ATM hacking is also one of the major location for the attackers. There are various types of attacks are done with ATM and most of the hackers and attackers were arrested. Recently by the end of last week two more hackers were arrested for hacking Credit Card and Debit Card details using computer virus program according to Chinese Press.

atm machine hack in Hongkong

The attackers used the malicious code to attack the machines to get the details of the user to use as victims. Those two persons are from Ukrainian and lived in Macau who had stolen about 490,000 Yuan deposits and they had planted in Seven ATM’s and the first was discovered in Hong Kong according the website. They used a green strip that can connect to the card holding location and then the software is installed which in plants the virus to the server of the location. After that the machine will be restarted and this allows the details of the data to be copied and makes the user victim after the virus is implanted. The user details will be later copied to the device and from the credentials the cash card is done to make it as the original read cash card and also it has the preference of removing the tracking according to the report users.

The attached machine shows the blue screen error and this helps the research team to find the vulnerability added to the ATM Machine. There are various methods were used by the attackers to gain access over ATM machine.

What do think about the safety of your Credit Card and Debit Card?