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Classroom Preview by Google


Teachers are working more on various parts apart from their teaching work. They have more responsibilities then other peoples. Taking care of classroom, preparing assignments for students, validating their results and much more. Recently Google has announced Previewing of Classroom for teachers to make their work easy and simple. It is a free tool that is provided for the Google ...

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Boolean SQLi and LFI vulnerability to Recruiting website Jobvite

jobvite security vulnerability

User privacy and Database security is much important for the website solution providers. Today most of the companies are providing some social recruiting tool and application tracking tool for the recruiting based company which is providing expected level of quality and recruiting technology. Jobvite is one of the talents sourcing company which provides support to the recruiting based companies. Mohamed ...

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Bleep – Secured instant messenger from BitTorrent


Secure communication is one of the most important needs for all internet users since privacy is one of the most important constraints for all users. There are already different forms of instant messengers available including Google hangout, Skype etc., but Bleep is one of the most recent instant messengers from BitTorrent which has the capability to provide secure communication on ...

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Self-XSS scam tricks Facebook users trick allowing them to self hacking

facebook xss

Security is one of the most important constraints in this technology world. Securing data is most needed for the normal internet users and providing them data security is much more important for the software providers. Cross-site Scripting is most important vulnerability which is found in web applications which has the capability to inject client side scripting and gain information about ...

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Security Vulnerability in Instagram Mobile App

Instagram security vulnerability

Securing privacy and ensuring data security is very much important in most of the platforms like Email, VOIP and much more. Mazin Ahmed had reported Facebook with the security vulnerability in Instagram Mobile App which was acquired by Facebook in April 2012. He added the details of the security vulnerability in his blog spot. Instagram is a Mobile App that ...

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Malware that attack *nix web server s – Mayhem


Security researchers were keeping on working on cyber security issues and everyday it keeps on going. Recently security researchers Andrej Kovalev, Konstantin Ostrashkevich and Evgeny Sidorov employees of Russian based search engine Yandex found a new malware that targets Linux and FreeBSD web server named Mayhem which has the capability to provide malicious activities over the servers and also has ...

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Pushdo Malware is continuing its attack on 11,000 Computers in a day

Pushdo botnet

Cutwail botnet is found is 2007 which sends spam e-mails. Trojan component called Pushdo which helps to install the bot on the infected machine. The target of this malware is Microsoft windows. As per record, it is calculated that cutwail botnet was the one which affected large number of computers by June 2009. Cutwail Botnet is also known as “0bulk ...

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