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Cloud Source Repositories by Google

Google cloud repo

Google is working more innovative ideas satisfying end users, now it is known to the light that Google is offering beta version access cloud source repositories where they can store and edit code and also as the competition to Github users and code developers. Github is one of the most commonly known web based repository service which provides source code ...

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Login into Facebook Messenger without Facebook Account

Messenger Sign Up Android

Facebook messenger is one of the most important messenger apps today since there are about millions of people are using Facebook and its messenger. Today Facebook announced that the users can login into Facebook Messenger without Facebook accounts. Earlier, user needs Facebook account to login and chat where as today, according to Facebook, the users can login with their mobile ...

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Android Battery Channel Monitor by IFTTT

Android Battery Channel

Every day there is a new tool and new tool are emerging for making the life easy by optimizing and risky free monitoring your devices that helps you for easy management. The most important consideration today for the smart phones is their battery backup and today the IFTTT which stands for “If this, then that” has added the feature of ...

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Hiri – Does your email better


Email is one of the most important for communicating and sharing ideas. Especially for business use, people used to keep looking for the part of mail follow up and for the tasks and the action taken on assignment. Hiri is a new app that helps you and your team to save time on email, manage your work schedule and the ...

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Skype web chat instant messaging on chrome


After the release of Skype web chat, Microsoft announced that web chat and instant messaging can be done in chrome browser. Most reviewers feel that chrome and Skype will not work, but it is proved that it will work on chrome browser with for web logging. Microsoft is also working hardly for the implementation of Skype for web to all ...

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Infer – Open Source to find Bugs by Facebook

fb infer logo

Finding bugs in the code is really a hard task for the testing department since they need to check each and every part of the code. A simple mistake can provide access to the intruders, memory dump, application crash etc. Today Facebook announced that the Facebook Infer – Tool that helps to identify the bugs in mobile code before it ...

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Google and Sidewalk for Life Improvement

sidewalk labs

Today Google CEO Larry Page had added a new core for the improvement of city life with a new company Sidewalk Labs announced in a post in Google+. The aim of the new company is to improve the life of people in cities using technology to solve urban problems, which is an amazing thought of creation for the improvement of ...

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IOS Account Wipe and Android MAM for Google Apps Admins


Google is providing an extreme support for it users and keep focusing on the user needs. This is once again confirmed by its new feature IOS Account Wipe which is really helpful for the Apps Admins. It is really essential to protect and prevent unauthorized access to data, whereas employees using their mobile device will be still available with them ...

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