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Avast Community Forum goes Offline after Data breach

Avast is one of antivirus program available for Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X and Linux users and are all available in 41 languages which are abbreviated as “Antivirus – Advanced Set”. Its community forum goes down after the data breach in this weekend according to the blog of Avast. it is found that usernames, email addresses, nick names and passwords are compromised and the passwords are hashed using SHA-1 algorithm according to Steckler Avast CEO wrote in company blog.


It is also added in the blog that there are about 200 million users and this data breach approximately affects less than 0.2% users. It is also said that no financial details were compromised like license details. The forum will down for brief period and the forum was in the process of rebuilding and moving into different software platform and it will be faster and secure when the forum becomes online again.

avast forum offline

The users using the same password on various sites are requested to change their passwords.