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Avira Mobile Security for iPhone and iPad

Avira designed a secure backup for iPhone and iPad devices. Most of the iPhone users had downloaded this app and the usage of it increasing rapidly. This provides the online backup for your devices for data backup and security.

Avira security backup was one of the most innovative software that allows you to backup your audio, video files and manage them online from various devices. It has the functionality for auto, which makes your backup online automatically and store over the cloud. As of now, free registration was available and after registration 5 GB of free space is allocated for the backup and can restore it, in case of any data loss and now you have access your data anytime and anywhere.

avira online storage

You can also share your files with your friends and families along the social network that you are interested. On the security side, the files where encrypted and protect your privacy for online security to prevent data theft.

You can grab your Avira Mobile security for iPhone and iPad here.