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Backup all your App using an App

A collection of App is a major fun for smart phone users. Sometimes sharing the information with the App steps up in little high. The collection of App is not easier; sometimes the collection can be shared to your friends.  Sharing all apps that you enjoyed may not be easy earlier but now there is an app named Easy App Toolbox that allows taking the backup all your apps and can be transferred to your PC, email to your friends and much more.

Back up and restoring the operating system is easy for the system professionals which technology can be used to all smart phone users. This app can be easily restored which feels you comfortable for you without updating or missing the updates. This app can also shard in Google Drive, drop box and also in other cloud storages.

Easy App


The same feature is already available in Carbon which is to be purchased since it is available in paid version where as this Easy App Toolbox is a free version. The app can easily remove all the app means clearing the apps and them reinstalling is also available which a productive feature for the smart phone users is. Now have a backup for your app and just share with your friends and enjoy. To download Easy App Toolbox