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Basis Peak – The best wristband Fitness and sleep Tracker

basis peak

Tracking the fitness is one of the most important objective for most of people in this fast moving world. Making healthier makes life simple and tracking the health is much needed. Now you can track your fitness using Basis Peak. The wristband that tracks your activity from heart rate during the exercise, help for fitness is now available called Basis Peak which promises the accurate result which is much needed. There are more that helps to track your heart rate whereas the results for most of them is completely not perfect and not even close.

The aim of this product is monitor the heart rate and the sensor are used in the band to provide the calculated result as similar to the chest strap monitors. The company announced that the product will be available for $200 from the start of November. The product has the other tracking that tracks your sleep including REM and deep sleep which helps you to work on the patterns for consistent sleep. This is the first wristband that helps to track your sleep.


Basis Peak holds the optical heart rate sensors, 3- Axis accelerometer on the rear side of the wristband and the touch screen is made with Gorilla Glass 3 and it is water resistant for up to 5 ATM. The battery can hold up to 4 day and has the Bluetooth smart for wireless connectivity. Hope this is what needed and the result for the customer review is much needed.


The result from the band will be update to the mobile phone which helps you to have an analytics of daily, weekly and monthly. The Basis Peak is also come with the customized smart watch notification on your wrist which helps you to active fast with better improvement. What do you think about Basis Peak?