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Behavio with Google


Behavio is one of the most advanced and built short-live product which collects the data from mobile phone sensors. This has way to make the predictions of future action with help of location, contacts and other data which can predict in mass. Now the team of Behavio says the official in their official website that team will be the part of Google. This makes the step ahead for the company. Behavio is the company which is with one of the Android Open source network Funf.

Behavio concept


They the company will continue to maintain Funf – the open source project for mobile. This funf app can be build within 5 minutes without source code with the help of funf in a box. This helps you to create a own mobile sensing application.

Behavio team says thanks to Knight Foundation which provides funding for their projects. It is also time to mention that Behavio have owned the 2012 SXSW Accelerator competition.