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Beware of Fake WeChat app that has Banking Trojan

Wechat is one of the second popular messaging apps developed by Tencent Holdings based on China. The app is available for all mobile platforms including Android, iPhone, Blackberry, Windows Phone, Mac OS and Symbian users. It is also supported for most the languages like English, Spanish, Portuguese, Turkish and much more. It is also calculated that there is about 355 million users are using across the world.

we chat fake

Due to the popularity is also the reason that this attracted to the cybercriminals by creating the fake app including with Banker.AndroidOS.Basti.a found by security researchers of Kaspersky Lab. This app looks same like normal Wechat and the author used Trojan to prevent reverse engineering the code. Researchers decode the app and on the execution of the app it opens the GUI mode for the users to add their banking information of the user. After entering the details it sends email to the Trojan’s author email and the attacker can access to the credentials. It is said that it was blocked by 126 email servers; the researcher found some of the information of the victims are stored in the email.

stolen information by fake wechat

This proves that the user has to be safe and secure on accessing the app to their mobile phone. Today most of the financial transactions were processed via mobile and it also result in cybercrimes on using the app downloaded from suspicious websites or unsafe sources.  We request users not to use the app from the unsafe sources and avoid providing secure information over the web on suspicious websites.