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Beware – Typosquatting Error May leads to Malware is growing

Recently it is found that the typosquatting attack is growing largely when compared to early’s.  Typosquatting is form of attack which is also known as URL hijacking or fake URL that perform the action of forwarding to the cybersquatter websites when the user mistype the website address. Netflix.om is the website address which is different from Netflix.com, the difference is the letter in c in the domain name. The domain name with country suffix for Oman is “.om” which looks similar to “.com” but it is different. Recently researchers found that the website registrations from the Oman with the suffix “.om“ has be rapidly increased in last month with the most famous brand names.


Swapping of letters between the domain names like google.com to googel.com, adjacent letters like google.com to googlw.com etc. are the most various possibilities that can be done by the internet surfers. By this mistakes, the website may takes the users to the malicious websites and place ransomware, place a backdoor etc. are the some of the most common possibilities for attacking the system. Endgame is the internet security research company has compiled about 319 malicious websites which uses typosquatting that uses the country suffix domain “.om”. some of the popular domains that appear legitimate are removed from the internet according to the internet resources.

So it is requested that the users should be very clear about the URL that they are using for the specific domains and if they found different they have to close the websites and open the correct address.