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BlackBerry Q5 makes an entry


The BlackBerry Q5 which is unveiled in BlackBerry Live 2013 in Orlando, Fla. The screen with 720 X 720 pixels which is same as Q10 but the difference is Q5 comes with LCD.  BlackBerry Q5 with 1.2 Ghz dual core CPU and it is about 8 Gigabit of storage and with 3.1 inch touch screen and the storage can be expanded. The battery of this Q5 cannot be removed since it is fixed.

Black Berry Q5-HandsOn


BlackBerry Q5 logo


The phone will be available in black, red, pink and white colors by the starting of July in Middle East, Asia, Europe and Latin America. The camera with the shift mode which is allowed to snap multiple images at a single shot. The resources add that it will be cheaper and we have to wait for the release.