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Bleep – Secured instant messenger from BitTorrent

Secure communication is one of the most important needs for all internet users since privacy is one of the most important constraints for all users. There are already different forms of instant messengers available including Google hangout, Skype etc., but Bleep is one of the most recent instant messengers from BitTorrent which has the capability to provide secure communication on both text and voice via Bleep messenger.


Bleep Messenger does not hold any centralized server in its design which provides user anonymity and security for the communication. Pre- Alpha version of Bleep messenger is released yesterday for secure communication and it also promises the freedom communication without the risk of metadata being exposed. The users can add their trusted contact and can communicate in secure which provides end to end encryption which provides the complete safety and privacy for the users.

As of now there are some limitations are there for Bleep BitTorrent as follows

  • Can be used only on Windows 7 /8 only
  • The sender and receiver should use only windows 7/8 operating system
  • Since it is Pre-Alpha there will be some bugs and it is expecting from the testers to solve those
  • Can import contacts from Google address book
  • Account can be used only on single device


The company announced that they are also working on the final release with most the basic needs which remove the limitations and provide the users to access from any platform.

What do you think about Bleep? Do you think it will be best when compared to existing Instant Messengers? Add your ideas in comments.