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BMO ATM was hacked using Operator Manual by Ninth Grade School Kids

Today kids were really interested in Code Breaking and they were into the computers instead playing outdoor games. Now here is the proof that two kids of Ninth Grade students were able to hack to Bank of Montreal using operator manual of ATM machines that they found online. They did this hack during their lunch time. BMO financial group is one major five banks in Canada. It is calculated that BMO is the fourth largest bank in Canada and Eleventh largest bank in North America.

ATM Machine

Matthew Hewlett and Caleb Turon were the two school ninth grade students went to BMO ATM on Great Avenue during their lunch break and try to use to the methods found on the Old Online Operator Manual and use the method and found the way to the operator method. According to Winnipegsun, once they entered in the operator mode they were shocked since the machine asked for the password to login. The kids used the default six digit passwords and were able to login to the ATM machine.

After that they went to the BMO Charleswood center for the branch location and inform about the security problem, they assumed that their PIN numbers were stolen and Hewlett said about the issue that ATM machine had but the officers asked for the proof and they also added that they cannot do it. the kids asked that they get can the proof and if it is right and after that we went the  ATM machine and went into the operator mode and they can able view the present money in the ATM machine, the transaction for the day and they can also able to change the surcharges and changed it to one cent. They also changed the information “Welcome to the BMO ATM” greeting message into “Go Away. This ATM has been hacked” and took the printout of the details and went to the bank with the proof.

This time the issue was considered seriously and security team take the necessary action to block the security hole. Since the kids were late to school they asked for the note on BMO letterhead for the reason of late to school. Their request were considered and issued the letter to the School Secretary noting that they “Please Excuse Mr. Matthew Hewlett and Caleb Turon for being too late to school during their lunch since they were assisting BMO with Security” and the note continues.

What do you think about this and about the security in ATM machines?