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Boeing Black Mobile with Self Destructing Feature

Boeing, worlds biggest Aerospace Company is launching high secure android mobile which has the self destruction feature in it. Boeing Black (H8V-BLK1) was the phone which is initially designed with the secure feature in the android platform. Federal Communication Commission (FCC) adds that the mobile was build with Boeing PureSecure architecture which provides the high security for the phone.



If the mobile phone is attempt to break, a trigger will be enabled and the delete the data and software will be inoperable says the internet report feedback. This mobile will be available for the Governmental agencies, Defense and homeland security and will not be available for other consumers. The Boeing Black will support for dual MicroSIM with GSM, WCDMA and wide range of band facilities. Boeing is already supporting other major secure devices for the government agencies. This was the new invention the mobile world which provides major secure for the data and communication.

Boeing black

The other key features of Boeing Black Mobile are Disk Encryption, Hardware Crypto Engine, Secure Boot and much more. the device also includes the connection for Portable Digital Media Interface (PDMI) and USB and secure SD cards.

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