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Boot your PC with Android Phones

We need a media to install all OS like Optical media or an USB device. Now it is possible to boot your Linux OS in Live or install Linux from your Android phones. DriveDroid is an app that helps to boot your Linux PC using an ISO/IMG file. Without need of a media you can use your Android Phone which will be with you forever and ever makes the learners and system professionals to update and make their work easy anywhere and anytime.

The below steps will be you do the work

Step 1: connect your phone to PC using an USB cable.

Step 2: Create or download the image file

Step 3: move to DriveDroid to choose the image file and set your PC to boot via USB. Your phone will be now set as a USB boot device

Step 4: Restart your PC and it the image will get loaded




The requirement for this is work is a Mother Board in PC has the option to boot from USB, Android Phone with DriveDroid, Source image file and USB cable for your device.

The recommendations are the SD card should not be mounted on the PC which May results in loss of data and some phones cannot boot with UMS. You can disable UMS from the preference menu in the DriveDroid App and reboot will work for your need.