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Brush with Alarm – Wayki

Electronics is everywhere. Now a new startup in tooth brush called Wayki. The device improves the lifestyle by new technology.

The Wayki tooth brush comes with alarm clock which cannot be snoozed. The alarm stops only when the brush is inserted into base.Once the alarm is deactivated, it automatically pulls the trigger for next 2 minutes as the timing for brush. Some said 5 minutes will be the normal but Wayki says that it may cost overkill due to overtime.


The Snooze feature is disabled since the delay wakeup cause lower productivity and much more. The company says which this function makes a way to lead to Good Oral Hygenie which is important and necessary for throughout the day. Since Wayki is made of 180 degree comfort it plays a comfortable role for the users in travelling. It is designed with the buttons which will not be working when the Alarm is trigged that is scheduled.

Start your day without any delay. Happy Morning to all.