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Bump app is now with Google


Bump of the android app that helps to share contents is now with Google. Bump app helps the user to share the content and transferring happens from smart phone to computer and in computer space bar acts as a sensor to share the files. Just by bumping on the spacebar in computer it gets connection between the phone and computer and sharing made easy.

bump sharing

You can share your contacts, photos, videos, files, devices and much more with the computer with just a Bump. The app was released four years ago and after a long time it reaches of 100 million downloads. Later recently, the company released the app called Flock, which is for group photo sharing.

These apps worked with all platforms. Now the company CEO, David Lieb announced that the company has joined with Google and for now the company will now continue their work as of now for time being. He also added that there will be more updates for the users.

To download you Bump app click here.