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Bypass Apple iPhone 6.1.2 Passcode

Apple released the version 6.1.2 in February. It reached the top in 5 days. But there are some bugs and now it is fixed slowly. Exchange calendar bug was recently solved and there is another bug that is which the passcode can be bypassed.


The vulnerability0lab has shared a video of how to bypass the passcode and get access to the phone. The user has to lock the screen and choose the choose emergency call and then dial and cancel it. By pressing the power or standby button you can get the access says the internet resources and it worked in the video that I have shared from the vulnerability0lab from YouTube.

Apple is now released the new version 6.1.3 to fix the bug and it can be updated if it available for your phone from the General to settings and in update software which fix it says the resources.

The information is collected from various internet resources for the update.