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Calls and SMS integration to Google Hangouts soon


Google have added more feature and changes to Hangouts. Now in Google I/O at San Francisco the announcement made regarding the SMS integration and outgoing calls. At present Google misses those features but it will soon added to the Hangout.


Google sms integrate


Google announced the unified platform for messaging of Gmail, Android, chrome and iOS which is now integrated with the existing service. People say that the SMS integration is the best which we needed. The resource from various websites added that the integration will be available for Android and iOS which will be much useful for the users. Already this concept is available in Facebook’s messenger and Apple’s iMessage.


Google sms integration

Google adds that the feature will be available in some countries and need more info regarding the update and update you once we have the information from the various internet resources. In the mean time, kindly let us know what is your suggestion?