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Singe app for all you are shopping


  Today shopping is done mostly by mobile. There are various app for the different products and different merchants. Clutch is an app that helps you to shop for all products. Single app for all you’re shopping is available for apple and android products.     Clutch is the only app that provides you various deals which is best and ...

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Step – Your Personal Smart Journal

Step - Logo

  In older days some people have an interest to write diaries every day. I am sure it a pretty good habit. Now in this fastest world everything is in mobile. Now you can make your personal smart journal in your mobile. Step is one the new released app that helps you track your life in future.   The app ...

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Remote Desktop with Google Hangout

Google Logo

  Everyday Google adds some features to it. Recently Remote Desktop via Google + Hangout is updated. Now the Hangout can be included for screen sharing and you can even troubleshoot the other machines remotely which is one of the boons for IT support engineers. You can keep chatting, making some video presentations, meetings online and much more features. You ...

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Talkz – New Voice Messenger App

Talkz -logo

  In this fast world we need everything to be fast and simple. In this enterprise world the first level of communication goes to Email and then to SMS. Talkz will be one of most advanced app for both audio and text which takes the second level of communication.   You can compose your message either by voice or text ...

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Google Now is released successfully for iOS

Google now voice

Google Now a personal virtual assistant which is available for Google Android phones is now available for Apple iOS. Google is one the world’s best search engine which helps to find the answers for our questions. Google Now which gets you the right information in right time and you can use it through voice control which is a more and ...

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Security Flaw in Viber App

viber app

  Viber is an app that allows you to make free calls, text messages and much more. Now it is found that there is a critical flaw with this app announced by the security company Bkav. This app allows the user to bypass the security lock on the home screen.   Previously we have the bypassing security in Samsung by ...

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App that review on Men by Women

lulu logo

  Two women Alison Schwartz and Alexandra Chong who are friends had created an app that makes private review and recommendations of Men. The name of the app is Lulu which is available for android and iPhone. Lulu is created especially for Women by women to talk about men. The founder says that with the help of Lulu you can ...

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Public Alert on Google Search and Maps

Google Alert

  Google now brings the Public Alert Page into search and maps in Google. Recently Google launch this public alert page for US followed by Japan and now into Canada. These alerts will also be to the desktop and mobile products. This brings out the warning and notification for the weather and all the other information which can create an ...

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