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Backup all your App using an App

Easy App

A collection of App is a major fun for smart phone users. Sometimes sharing the information with the App steps up in little high. The collection of App is not easier; sometimes the collection can be shared to your friends.  Sharing all apps that you enjoyed may not be easy earlier but now there is an app named Easy App ...

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Fit your Health with a Free App


Health is important in our life. We have maintained the body fit for health, to complete it we have do some exercise and have to invest. But Sworkit builds a randomized circuit training works which allows you to do anywhere you need with simple guidance. Sworkit provides a Free App which can be used in your phones and you can ...

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New Tablet for Women’s


The ePad Femme was designed by Eurostar Group which is released back on October but it has it own push during around February as Valentines Gift. This ePad Femme has preloaded apps which is mainly concentrated for women’s usage like Groceries, Yoga, Shopping and much more. This makes easier for women’s to be away from search and downloading each and ...

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Chat with Group of Friends for Free


Today we have to send an email or message to everyone individually. With Group me we can share and reach anyone, anytime and anywhere and for the friends, family and also to work and coordinate with employees and also connect with our closest friends. It is easier more than reply to all and also like a private twitter with your ...

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Choose and remove your Apps in a Row


Today we are using more apps in our Android phones. We are installing more apps and removing them in our daily progress. Now there is an app to remove the installed app in just a click and it is faster and easy to remove. Easy Uninstaller is an app which is an useful app to remove the installed other applications. ...

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Disney Mobile’s Toy Story 3


Toy story is one most popular movie. Temple Run is one among Disney which is popular. Now Disney brought a New Game for computers, iOS and Android Phones is Toy Story 3. This game becomes on the most popular games since it is in 3D physics puzzler. It provides to use the laws of Physics other than finishing the target ...

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Samsung’s Wallet App


Samsung has introduced the Wallet App for Android at Mobile World Congress. The app for the ticket and coupon management. Event tickets, membership and other coupons can be stored and managed under one place is the usage of Samsung wallet. An Application Programming Interface (API) is also released for the integration to the wallet. At present the API is only ...

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