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A unique OS for Multiple Devices

ubuntu phone

We have been using various operating systems for Smart Phones, Desktops, Laptops, PC etc. what if all the devices uses single OS for multiple devices. Yes now Ubuntu is available for all devices. Now Ubuntu has officially announced the version of its smart phones. At present users are using various applications for interlink of various devices. The mobile version of ...

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My Guardian app Simple Wifi Management


Today mobile devices play the key role in technology. One the best features of Mobile device is Wifi. Today Wifi is used everywhere. We are using the wifi with security features which can be denied from hacking and anonymous user to reduce the bandwidth. We are using specific websites like facebook, twitter and other social networks. When kids in the ...

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New HP Android Tablet HP Slate 7


WebOS is a Palm’s mobile operating system based on web technologies like Java and HTML. By 2010, HP acquired palm and went on working on the OS for enhanced hardware development and open source operating s system. At present WebOS source code can be purchased by developers, engineers and websites to LG according to some resources. LG has planned to ...

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Now Make a Free Call from Facebook via iPhone


Now Facebook introduces to make a free call as an app to Apple iOS. A new version 5.5 is introduced. It gives the chance to make calls to the friends via Facebook Messenger using VOIP. Since it requires high bandwidth for the VOIP connection it is been introduced in US and Canada. There is no information regarding the functionality in ...

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Are you an Android Phone user? How to find you phone is not infected by Malware?


The computer and network agencies found observed an Android Malware that is capable of infecting your personal computer or other USB devices connected, autorun.inf and svshosts.exe. The Malware is named as Superclean /Droidcleaner. Dont choose by their names. The malware asks for permission and changing the state in Wifi, using your contact details etc. If you found your mobile phones ...

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