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Google Translate app updated Visual Translation in 20 more languages

google translate

There are new updates every day and the way of communication also changes. Understanding the language and surviving in the unknown location is hard, but Google Translate app already makes it easier and now it adds 20 more language for the users, which helps most of the users to understand what is written. Now Google Translate app holds about 27 ...

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Finally One Plus 2 will be available on August 11

One Plus 2

After many months of rumor, finally One Plus 2 smartphone will be available from August 11, the company officially announced. There is more talk about the specifications and now we know what are the features of One Plus 2. As said earlier, the smartphone comes with 5.5 inch display with the fingerprint scanner which supports five different type finger print ...

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Pushbullet – Connects all your Devices into one


Today there are various types of chat applications like Facebook, Whatsapp, Telegram and much more and for sure they are providing the users expected service. Now the Pushbullet comes in, which has a unique feature when compared to other chat applications. Pushbullet is a cross platform application that helps you to connect all other devices. You can use desktop to ...

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Now Android One is launched in Pakistan

Qmobile A1

Finally Android one is now launched in Pakistan along with QMobile A1 with more features including Android (Lollipop 5.1.1) with quad-core 1.3GHz processor with 1GB ram and the battery holds of about 1700mAh. QMobile A1 is added with new Google’s new material design interface which can provide improved speed of 2x. It is now available in retail store for 11,500PKR ...

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Login into Facebook Messenger without Facebook Account

Messenger Sign Up Android

Facebook messenger is one of the most important messenger apps today since there are about millions of people are using Facebook and its messenger. Today Facebook announced that the users can login into Facebook Messenger without Facebook accounts. Earlier, user needs Facebook account to login and chat where as today, according to Facebook, the users can login with their mobile ...

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Android Battery Channel Monitor by IFTTT

Android Battery Channel

Every day there is a new tool and new tool are emerging for making the life easy by optimizing and risky free monitoring your devices that helps you for easy management. The most important consideration today for the smart phones is their battery backup and today the IFTTT which stands for “If this, then that” has added the feature of ...

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IOS Account Wipe and Android MAM for Google Apps Admins


Google is providing an extreme support for it users and keep focusing on the user needs. This is once again confirmed by its new feature IOS Account Wipe which is really helpful for the Apps Admins. It is really essential to protect and prevent unauthorized access to data, whereas employees using their mobile device will be still available with them ...

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Move to iOS – Apple App

move to ios

There is always a large competition between mobile users holding Apple, Android and Microsoft. Every company is providing an attractive and fantastic tool for user convenience and satisfaction. Users changing their mobile from Android to Apple, Apple to Microsoft, Microsoft to Android and vice versa, they are facing a lot of issues in migration of contacts, messages, emails and other ...

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