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Facebook Safety Check – Connect with your friends and families on Natural Disasters

Facebook Safety Check

Facebook have launched the safety check that tells your friends and families on natural disaster. Communication with friends on families is the most important during the disaster and to be sure it is critical during that time. There are about 1.3 billion Facebook users all over the world and they update all their status over internet. Sharing the location and ...

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Skype Qik – Video Messaging App for Mobile

skype qik

Today mobile technology plays the vital in communication. Most of the people all over the world, like to share their ideas via chats, images and also videos. Skype is providing video conferencing, live video calls for it users. Today Skype have launched the new app for mobile, Skype Qik (pronounced as quick) which helps to share the video via chat ...

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Basis Peak – The best wristband Fitness and sleep Tracker

basis peak

Tracking the fitness is one of the most important objective for most of people in this fast moving world. Making healthier makes life simple and tracking the health is much needed. Now you can track your fitness using Basis Peak. The wristband that tracks your activity from heart rate during the exercise, help for fitness is now available called Basis ...

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Universal Mobile Keyboard by Microsoft for all devices

Microsoft universal keyboard

Today in this technology world, people were using various types of devices like iPad, Tablet and laptops etc. the usage of the devices is based on their locations. When it comes to iPad, Tablet and android devices the key is small and fast typing is not enough when compared to the laptop keyboards. Today Microsoft announced the solutions which tend ...

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Google Cloud Platform offers $100,000 for Startups

Google Cloud Platform

Google provides multiple opportunities for most of the users all over the world and it is still continues. Yes on Friday, Google Cloud Platform offers about $100,000 dollars for the startups which can help the developing team to scale the idea and in quick launch was announced by Urs Hölzle, Senior Vice President, Technical Infrastructure. This provides the eligible startups ...

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It is time buy from your Twitter


Today Twitter officially announced in its blog post that some of the users in US (that will grow overtime) can able to buy products from the Buy button from your mobile device. This is the first commerce product from Twitter and the company adds that the users can make shopping from their mobile devices in easy and convenient form according ...

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Security Vulnerability in Instagram Mobile App

Instagram security vulnerability

Securing privacy and ensuring data security is very much important in most of the platforms like Email, VOIP and much more. Mazin Ahmed had reported Facebook with the security vulnerability in Instagram Mobile App which was acquired by Facebook in April 2012. He added the details of the security vulnerability in his blog spot. Instagram is a Mobile App that ...

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Security Vulnerability on Android phone applications that can make calls without permission

android vulnerability

Security vulnerability is on android phone that allows malicious applications to make calls or send USSD without permissions. Curesec research team had already reported to Google Inc., last year about this bug and it is noticed in version 4.1 according to the internet sources. While installing the application on android phone, the application should notify and need permission to make ...

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