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Yahoo Aviate Launcher – Intelligent automatic Simplification for your Phone

yahoo aviate

Aviate an intelligent app that adds your android home screen which automatically shows what you need was acquired by Yahoo earlier this year. After yahoo acquired Aviate, the android app is formally launched Yahoo Aviate Launcher in play store which helps you to simplify your screen automatically and update you according your daily needs. Yahoo Aviate has some best key ...

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Steps to Dissect Android Simplelocker Ransomware


Simplelocker is a ransomware that decrypts files on victims’ android mobile and demands to pay some ransom for decrypting the files. Earlier there are more types of ransomware are used by the attacker on desktop and laptops like CryptoLocker, Cryptowall where as SimpleLocker was the first ransomware to infect android based mobile phones. Earlier this month ESET detected the ransomware ...

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Fatdoor – Free neighborhood Social Network


Fatdoor is software that allows your neighbors to connect locally with safe and secure communication, sharing resources and much more. Fatdoor can be used in most of the forms like notify nearby peoples about an incident or sharing information like rent a room, house and more about things you liked surrounding your location. Today sharing is the best part and ...

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TOR enabled Ransomware that Encrypts files in SD Card of your Android Phone

simplocker ransomware

Cyber criminals are focusing on making money online which proves that they are attacking users via phone, browser and much more. There are many Ransomware that targets the mobile users, affecting their device by locking it and demanding for some amount to unlock it. Last month a ransomware was found by Bitdefender that is used in underground market and demanding ...

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Beware of Fake WeChat app that has Banking Trojan

we chat

Wechat is one of the second popular messaging apps developed by Tencent Holdings based on China. The app is available for all mobile platforms including Android, iPhone, Blackberry, Windows Phone, Mac OS and Symbian users. It is also supported for most the languages like English, Spanish, Portuguese, Turkish and much more. It is also calculated that there is about 355 ...

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Lookout helps to find your Stolen Mobile Phone

lookout logo

Today protecting and safe guarding your smart mobile phones are challenging task for users all over the world. It is calculated that most of the smart phone users are targeted to steal their personal information in many ways like malware, remote execution etc. there are many other forms of attack and the reason to access the personal information and on ...

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Spotify account was hacked and Investigation started


Spotify announced that the account of a user was hacked and the company had started the investigation. Spotify is a commercial music stream which is launched in October 2008 by the Swedish startup Spotify AB which provides the access to Android, iOS and Windows users. Offline listening facility is also available for the users who playback is available for the ...

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Marbel – The Electric Skateboard


Skateboard is one of the most efficient vehicles that help most of the people all over the world. Marbel Board is one of most light weight skateboard all over the world according to them. Marbel Electric skateboard is about 9.9 pounds in weight which makes the lightest vehicle in the modern world. This electric skateboard can covers up to 10 ...

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