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IOS Account Wipe and Android MAM for Google Apps Admins


Google is providing an extreme support for it users and keep focusing on the user needs. This is once again confirmed by its new feature IOS Account Wipe which is really helpful for the Apps Admins. It is really essential to protect and prevent unauthorized access to data, whereas employees using their mobile device will be still available with them ...

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Move to iOS – Apple App

move to ios

There is always a large competition between mobile users holding Apple, Android and Microsoft. Every company is providing an attractive and fantastic tool for user convenience and satisfaction. Users changing their mobile from Android to Apple, Apple to Microsoft, Microsoft to Android and vice versa, they are facing a lot of issues in migration of contacts, messages, emails and other ...

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Get Ready to wear an Apple wearable watch

apple wearable watch

Today, Apple has announced that the Apple Watch will be available in Italy, Mexico, South Korea, Singapore, Taiwan and Switzerland on June 26th and it is available in boutiques in Milan, Seoul and Singapore apart from its availability in online store. The company also announced that the order done in April and May will be shipped in two weeks, expect ...

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Now WhatsApp free calling is available for IOS

IOS whatsapp sharing

WhatsApp is one of most widely used messenger app as you know already. Recently WhatsApp released the version last month holds the free voice calling for Android users and now the company has released updated version of IOS users which added the free voice calling feature. WhatsApp calling is now available for all users using Android and IOS which is ...

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Bruteforce attack unlocks the Apple Screenlock

Bruteforce attack on Apple iOS

Apple provides more security for the users and especially for the iPhone users. Apple Screen unlock provides security for the users incase of misuse of the phone, the data will be wiped off and there are much more security. Recently Researchers from MDSec used an IP Box, a device that is mostly used in phone repair market to unlock the ...

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Google Calendar is now available for iPhone

Google calendar

Now Google Calendar is available for iPhone users with the most new advanced features including schedule view that helps the users to schedule for the feature events, events from Gmail that provides the list of events occurred from the Gmail automatically and provides the most important information like flight, hotel bookings and much more details. You can also fill your ...

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