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Quitbit – Smart lighter that helps you to Quit Smoking

Quitbit lighter

Smoking is a practice which is most common forms of recreational drug use. The most popular substance used for smoking is Tobacco and they are in different types. Globally smoking was one of the leading causes of preventable death. There are many ways for the smokers to avoid like educational counseling by physicians and also there are various substance used ...

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Security Vulnerability in Tinder app allows to find the location of other users

tinder app

Tinder app was one of the dating apps that helps to find the people nearby and connects with them if both are interested. Tinder was one of most popular dating app in recent days. Tinder uses the Facebook login to get connected.  But due to some security vulnerability the app that allows to find the exact location of the other ...

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Ultra Sonic Password security for your login SlickLogin with Google


The terms of securing the username and password is one of the most needed for all users all over the world. The way of security those provides security and avoid hacking and stealing the data. SlickLogin is a startup company that had developed ultra sonic sound for login into the account without username and password. SlickLogin makes your mind free ...

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