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Time to update Google Chrome Immediately for security reasons


Google Chrome is one of the most widely used browser all over the world. Recent post from Forbes, noted to update Chrome Browser right now since there is a Zero-day vulnerability for chrome. Google confirms the that an exploit CVE-2019-5786 resides in the Google Chrome and impacting is also in Major Operating Systems including Apple MAC OS, Microsoft and Linux. ...

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Killer USB – Can explode your computer

Killer USB

As you know already security plays vital role in information system. Using peripheral devices plays the vital role in spreading malware and there are more antivirus companies providing solutions for it. but this time security researchers Dark Purple thinks and implements the new concept of creating a USB drive that can explode your computer. He shared an story that a ...

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Lenovo website has hijacked

Lenovo website hacked

Lenovo one of the world largest PC maker has into the problem again after the superfish adware scandal. This time their website Lenovo.com is hijacked and showing a slideshow of a teenager with the background sound “Breaking Free” from the high school musical movie. Internet resources added that the Lizard Squad hacking group is responsible for the cyber-attack. The website ...

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Sucuri alerts that WordPress analytics plugin is vulnerable to hackers

WP Slimstat

Sucuri offers website security service which provides security in early warning system that detects malware, spam and login failed attempts and much more to the website owner. Web based monitoring, web based malware detection and much more were the offer by Sucuri. Recently Sucuri had found security risks in WordPress plugin WP- Slimstat of version 3.9.5 and lower which can ...

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Tracking your location using Mobile Battery – Powerspy

tracking user location

Technology is growing everyday and same the privacy is hard to achieve. Researchers found that the user can be traced by their mobile phone battery consumption, which means that without the requirement of GPS tracking and even if the user disable the location identification, the users can be traced by their Smartphone battery charge consumption.  Powerspy is named to the ...

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Security Vulnerability in Instagram Mobile App

Instagram security vulnerability

Securing privacy and ensuring data security is very much important in most of the platforms like Email, VOIP and much more. Mazin Ahmed had reported Facebook with the security vulnerability in Instagram Mobile App which was acquired by Facebook in April 2012. He added the details of the security vulnerability in his blog spot. Instagram is a Mobile App that ...

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Malware that attack *nix web server s – Mayhem


Security researchers were keeping on working on cyber security issues and everyday it keeps on going. Recently security researchers Andrej Kovalev, Konstantin Ostrashkevich and Evgeny Sidorov employees of Russian based search engine Yandex found a new malware that targets Linux and FreeBSD web server named Mayhem which has the capability to provide malicious activities over the servers and also has ...

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