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Smart watch by Nixon – The Mission

Nixon Mission

Smart Watch is one of the most advanced wearable technology device, which helps the users to use in most of the mobile applications and in recent years the growth of smart watch is tremendously high. There are various major companies were into smart watch manufacturer like Sony, Samsung, Pebble, Motorola, Apple and much more. Recently Nixon one of the most ...

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Killer USB – Can explode your computer

Killer USB

As you know already security plays vital role in information system. Using peripheral devices plays the vital role in spreading malware and there are more antivirus companies providing solutions for it. but this time security researchers Dark Purple thinks and implements the new concept of creating a USB drive that can explode your computer. He shared an story that a ...

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Pebble Smart watch reached about double the goal within few minutes


People are lovable with gadgets and it is proved with pebble smart watch which had reached double the goal via kickstarter which is really most amazing.   It is recommended as one of the best smart watch to buy by most of the internet giants. Now the pebble is again comes back with most impressive features including new timeline, various ...

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Basis Peak – The best wristband Fitness and sleep Tracker

basis peak

Tracking the fitness is one of the most important objective for most of people in this fast moving world. Making healthier makes life simple and tracking the health is much needed. Now you can track your fitness using Basis Peak. The wristband that tracks your activity from heart rate during the exercise, help for fitness is now available called Basis ...

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Universal Mobile Keyboard by Microsoft for all devices

Microsoft universal keyboard

Today in this technology world, people were using various types of devices like iPad, Tablet and laptops etc. the usage of the devices is based on their locations. When it comes to iPad, Tablet and android devices the key is small and fast typing is not enough when compared to the laptop keyboards. Today Microsoft announced the solutions which tend ...

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My Passport Wireless Storage Drive from Western Digital

WD Password wireless

Western Digital is one of the largest hard disk drive manufactures all over the world. The company started on manufacturing calculator chips and then with the step by step improvement they reach the top of the manufacturing units on hard disk drive. Today the company has unrevealed the new wireless passport devices for its customers. There are other companies which ...

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