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Steps to Remove Gameover Zeus and Cryptolocker Ransomware

remove gamezeus and cryptolocker

Gameover Zeus or Zeus is a botnet which spread over in September 2011 is a peer to peer (P2P) variant of Zeus family affect about millions of users all over the world. It uses Domain Generation Algorithm(DGA) is distributed via email and once the infected user access the website from the computer which is compromised by Gameover Zeus can intercepts ...

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Marbel – The Electric Skateboard


Skateboard is one of the most efficient vehicles that help most of the people all over the world. Marbel Board is one of most light weight skateboard all over the world according to them. Marbel Electric skateboard is about 9.9 pounds in weight which makes the lightest vehicle in the modern world. This electric skateboard can covers up to 10 ...

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Samsung plans for IRIS Scanners for Mobiles


Samsung is one of the leading mobile brands which is mainly focusing on major security considerations for the future world. Now they are into IRIS scanning technology for security of their smart phones. An executive reported that they are working on new technology of IRIS detection. Samsung was the first smart phones that use biometric scanning for the smart phones ...

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Quitbit – Smart lighter that helps you to Quit Smoking

Quitbit lighter

Smoking is a practice which is most common forms of recreational drug use. The most popular substance used for smoking is Tobacco and they are in different types. Globally smoking was one of the leading causes of preventable death. There are many ways for the smokers to avoid like educational counseling by physicians and also there are various substance used ...

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Control your World with a Ring – Nod


Wearable devices are the new trend for the future world. Most of the major companies are working on Gesture control devices to make life smart and simple. But Nod is same but not exactly since it provides more extra features and solutions more than which is already known. Nod Inc is a small company based in Mountain View, CA. Team ...

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Project Tango – Mobile Device with 3D Mapping

Project Tango

Google’s Advanced Technology and Project Group (ATAP) were working on the Project Tango which provides the possibility to create a 3D model using mobile devices. The goal of Project Tango was to provide mobile device to understand the space and motion. It is a Google’s 3D Mapping project which was spotted on the Chrome Issue tracker by Myce.Com today. Project ...

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