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Boeing Black Mobile with Self Destructing Feature

Boeing black

Boeing, worlds biggest Aerospace Company is launching high secure android mobile which has the self destruction feature in it. Boeing Black (H8V-BLK1) was the phone which is initially designed with the secure feature in the android platform. Federal Communication Commission (FCC) adds that the mobile was build with Boeing PureSecure architecture which provides the high security for the phone.   ...

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Moov your new Fitness Coach


Taking care of fitness and health is more important in our day to day life. To be fit, strong and healthy you will need a coach and also for sure your valuable time. Moov is a new device which is provides you a real time interactive coaching which has 3 D motion sensor and also waterproof which can be a ...

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Fin – Smart Ring as an Interface

fin - RHL - Gesture

In this technology world, everyday there was an update to the technology and the devices with most advanced features. Google Glass, Pebble Watches and much more wearable devices for the easiest interface for the technology to control the other devices. In this list now comes the Smart Ring, Fin which has the capability to connect the other devices via Bluetooth. ...

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Antimicrobial Corning Gorilla Glass

Antimicrobial Glass for Smartphone

Today Gorilla Glass plays the important role in the smart phone industry. According to the recent update from CES 2014 which is started on January 7, 2014 Corning Gorilla Glass were ready to provide the new technology which is most needed for the users all over the world. They have announced to provide the Antimicrobial Corning Gorilla Glass which helps ...

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YotaPhone – Dual Screen Smart Phone

yotaphone white

A new dual screen phone with electronic paper display which is always on with more user friendly Smartphone. EPD display of the phone stays visible even the battery goes down. Flipping of the phone automatically the foot notes of the reading page will be visible. YotaPhone comes with Android Jelly Bean 4.2.2 with 1.7 GHz Krait processor along with the ...

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Neptune Pine – A Phone in Watch

neptune pine

Today the trend changes every day and attractive ideas were on the steps of growth in lightening speed. One of the most advanced today’s technology is Neptune Pine. Neptune Pine is a watch with a phone. The most of the important applications that we use daily is all in your watch. You can make a phone call; receive a phone ...

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Nike + Fuel Band App


Nike Inc had revealed number of innovations on Nike + ecosystem in New York in an event. Nike + Fuel Band app was one of the best apps that execute the possibilities between the digital and physical life. This band makes the athletes to be sportive which is simple and fun.     This band displays the four different metrics ...

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Pressy – New Simplicity for Android

Pressy new device

Everyone needs some shortcut to access their phones with simplicity. Pressy a new hardware that helps you to control your phone and provide easy access with fast and simple. Just adding a button on your headphone jack and make your phone and apps easy and simple. You can just make simple clicks according your needs and do the needful. No ...

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