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Make you Heartbeat as your Password

heartbeat as password - nymi - bionym

  Authentication was one of the major in the real time to save the data’s safe and secure. In today’s internet world we are using fingerprints, retinal scanner, and code like password for authentication to have a secure in all parts of information technology. If the password is code, we have to remember all the passwords and some time we ...

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Laptop works on Solar Power

solar powered laptop and colors

  Computers and internet are most common need for all humans in today’s man kind. In much more computers can changed to mobile phones. On the other side the laptop was the most needed electronic device for all their needs. On the next step the battery backup which is also most needed for the laptop users. The users need to ...

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Google and Motorola to Moto X

Motorola Moto X

  Last week, Motorola and Google launched the new smart phone Moto X with most advanced features. This is first Smartphone that results on the combination of Google and Motorola was released on earlier of this month. The biggest innovation was the touch less control which allows the user to customize and use according their needs. The screen size of ...

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How to hack a Car using a Laptop

car hack

  Hacking a computer is known to all, but hacking a car is really hard and this is hard for the person to believe. Two Hackers from U.S. explained about the hacking of a car using a laptop to Forbes.  Charlie Miller who is a Security Engineer in Twitter and the other person Chris Valasek, the Director of Security Intelligence ...

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How to Unlock Smartphone PIN code

pin unlock

  All the Smartphone user uses PIN to lock their phone. It is a combination of four digit numbers. To crack the code is not easy since it has about 10000 combinations. Justin Engler, who was a senior security engineer, had invented a robot named R2B2 – Robotic Reconfigurable Button Basher which helps to unlock the PIN code of smart ...

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