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Malware that attack *nix web server s – Mayhem


Security researchers were keeping on working on cyber security issues and everyday it keeps on going. Recently security researchers Andrej Kovalev, Konstantin Ostrashkevich and Evgeny Sidorov employees of Russian based search engine Yandex found a new malware that targets Linux and FreeBSD web server named Mayhem which has the capability to provide malicious activities over the servers and also has ...

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Laptop works on Solar Power

solar powered laptop and colors

  Computers and internet are most common need for all humans in today’s man kind. In much more computers can changed to mobile phones. On the other side the laptop was the most needed electronic device for all their needs. On the next step the battery backup which is also most needed for the laptop users. The users need to ...

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Penetration Testers Gets Benefit – Kali Linux is now Launched


Backtrack Linux is one of the best and famous for security professionals. After 7 years Now Backtrack has released Kali Linux which has the most advantages on Penetration Testing says the security professionals. Kali Linux is more secure and more mature enterprise version of Backtrack. There are more features in Kali Linux which holds the repository sync of Debian 4.0 ...

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A unique OS for Multiple Devices

ubuntu phone

We have been using various operating systems for Smart Phones, Desktops, Laptops, PC etc. what if all the devices uses single OS for multiple devices. Yes now Ubuntu is available for all devices. Now Ubuntu has officially announced the version of its smart phones. At present users are using various applications for interlink of various devices. The mobile version of ...

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Tizen 2.0 Source Code of Samsung’s Operating System


Tizen is an operating system designed for smart phones, tablets, car systems etc. Tizen is a based on Linux Operating System. Tizen platform consists of web framework, native framework and core system. Tizen holds the features of Vibration API and some more. Tizen 2.0 is available for Ubuntu, Windows 7, and Mac OS X on Intel. Right now Samsung is ...

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Ubuntu Server Installation Step by Step and GUI Configuration


Ubuntu Server edition is one the free operating system based on Linux. With multitasking technique ubuntu reaches today on the Tablet which proves the extraordinary performance of it. You can also download ubuntu server edition (updated) from the Ubuntu Official Website. There are two version available same as Windows server like 32 bit and 64 bit in edition. Once you ...

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