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Now Schedule Your Emails in Gmail using the Boomerang


Electronic mail which is also known as email, is one of the major part of communication in our day to day life. Think about communication without email is hard. People used to convey their message, allot some task, set reminder, appointment and much more. Scheduling emails are one of the important need which helps you to make it work when ...

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SanDisk Introduced world’s smallest pen drive


In today’s technology, storage devices are very compatible and now it is even more compatible. Yes, SanDisk one of the world’s largest storage solution provider had launched the world’s smallest storage device with highest capacity. 128GB capacity of storage with USB3.0 technology let users to share more files and transfer more data at the speed of 130MB/s and 256GB holds ...

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Tracking your location using Mobile Battery – Powerspy

tracking user location

Technology is growing everyday and same the privacy is hard to achieve. Researchers found that the user can be traced by their mobile phone battery consumption, which means that without the requirement of GPS tracking and even if the user disable the location identification, the users can be traced by their Smartphone battery charge consumption.  Powerspy is named to the ...

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Now Track your Fitness using Google Fit app

Google Fit Logo

Tracking your fitness record is one of the major report that is mandatory for performing milestone for each activities. There are other mobile app that helps to you track your fitness. Google Fit is new app that released that provides the central store that maintains all the collected data and helps you provide the track record on all your health ...

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Self-XSS scam tricks Facebook users trick allowing them to self hacking

facebook xss

Security is one of the most important constraints in this technology world. Securing data is most needed for the normal internet users and providing them data security is much more important for the software providers. Cross-site Scripting is most important vulnerability which is found in web applications which has the capability to inject client side scripting and gain information about ...

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Steps to Remove Gameover Zeus and Cryptolocker Ransomware

remove gamezeus and cryptolocker

Gameover Zeus or Zeus is a botnet which spread over in September 2011 is a peer to peer (P2P) variant of Zeus family affect about millions of users all over the world. It uses Domain Generation Algorithm(DGA) is distributed via email and once the infected user access the website from the computer which is compromised by Gameover Zeus can intercepts ...

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Time to change your ebay account password because of Cyber attack


Ebay is one of the most famous ecommerce companies which were established from 1995 by Pierre Omidyar. Most of the internet users all over the world purchase their needs online using ebay which has about 128 million users all over the world. Yesterday in press release meant that the ebay website had hacked and the attacker had compromised email address, ...

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Office 365 to Small Business from Microsoft with GoDaddy Partnership


Microsoft announced today regarding the partnership with GoDaddy for the support of Office 365 to the small business users. GoDaddy offers the plan for the connected domain names for the best solution which is mostly needed for most of the users. Initially the program is available for US and Canada users for these plans and after three months the plan ...

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