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Security Vulnerability on Android phone applications that can make calls without permission

android vulnerability

Security vulnerability is on android phone that allows malicious applications to make calls or send USSD without permissions. Curesec research team had already reported to Google Inc., last year about this bug and it is noticed in version 4.1 according to the internet sources. While installing the application on android phone, the application should notify and need permission to make ...

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Steps to Dissect Android Simplelocker Ransomware


Simplelocker is a ransomware that decrypts files on victims’ android mobile and demands to pay some ransom for decrypting the files. Earlier there are more types of ransomware are used by the attacker on desktop and laptops like CryptoLocker, Cryptowall where as SimpleLocker was the first ransomware to infect android based mobile phones. Earlier this month ESET detected the ransomware ...

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Customer Details of Dominos Pizza was stolen

Domino pizza hacked

Hacker group by the name Rex Mundi claimed that they had hacked into Dominos Pizza server in Belgium and France. They were also downloaded the customer details of about 592,000 records in France and about 58,000 customer details from Belgium database. The customer details include username, password, address, phone number and delivery instructions are all included. They also demanded ransom ...

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BMO ATM was hacked using Operator Manual by Ninth Grade School Kids

ATM Machine

Today kids were really interested in Code Breaking and they were into the computers instead playing outdoor games. Now here is the proof that two kids of Ninth Grade students were able to hack to Bank of Montreal using operator manual of ATM machines that they found online. They did this hack during their lunch time. BMO financial group is ...

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TOR enabled Ransomware that Encrypts files in SD Card of your Android Phone

simplocker ransomware

Cyber criminals are focusing on making money online which proves that they are attacking users via phone, browser and much more. There are many Ransomware that targets the mobile users, affecting their device by locking it and demanding for some amount to unlock it. Last month a ransomware was found by Bitdefender that is used in underground market and demanding ...

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End to End Encryption by Google for more security


Security is the main concern on all fields. In internet the priority stands high since most of the confidential information’s today are shared via email and other online tools. There are various types of encryption tools available according the software build. Google is one of the top most concern providing continues updates which proves that they enhancing security to make ...

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Steps to Remove Gameover Zeus and Cryptolocker Ransomware

remove gamezeus and cryptolocker

Gameover Zeus or Zeus is a botnet which spread over in September 2011 is a peer to peer (P2P) variant of Zeus family affect about millions of users all over the world. It uses Domain Generation Algorithm(DGA) is distributed via email and once the infected user access the website from the computer which is compromised by Gameover Zeus can intercepts ...

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