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Beware of Fake WeChat app that has Banking Trojan

we chat

Wechat is one of the second popular messaging apps developed by Tencent Holdings based on China. The app is available for all mobile platforms including Android, iPhone, Blackberry, Windows Phone, Mac OS and Symbian users. It is also supported for most the languages like English, Spanish, Portuguese, Turkish and much more. It is also calculated that there is about 355 ...

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Lookout helps to find your Stolen Mobile Phone

lookout logo

Today protecting and safe guarding your smart mobile phones are challenging task for users all over the world. It is calculated that most of the smart phone users are targeted to steal their personal information in many ways like malware, remote execution etc. there are many other forms of attack and the reason to access the personal information and on ...

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Hackers Hacked Apple iPhone device, lock remotely and Claim $100 to unlock it

oleg pliss attack

Recently most of the Australian Apple users are gets locking to their devices remotely by cyber criminals. After locking the message appears that “Device Hacked by Oleg Pliss” and asked the victims to pay $100 to unlock their phones to lock404@hotmail.com. Most of the users are into this attack and this came to known only after a user asked for ...

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Spotify account was hacked and Investigation started


Spotify announced that the account of a user was hacked and the company had started the investigation. Spotify is a commercial music stream which is launched in October 2008 by the Swedish startup Spotify AB which provides the access to Android, iOS and Windows users. Offline listening facility is also available for the users who playback is available for the ...

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Avast Community Forum goes Offline after Data breach


Avast is one of antivirus program available for Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X and Linux users and are all available in 41 languages which are abbreviated as “Antivirus – Advanced Set”. Its community forum goes down after the data breach in this weekend according to the blog of Avast. it is found that usernames, email addresses, nick names and passwords ...

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Samsung plans for IRIS Scanners for Mobiles


Samsung is one of the leading mobile brands which is mainly focusing on major security considerations for the future world. Now they are into IRIS scanning technology for security of their smart phones. An executive reported that they are working on new technology of IRIS detection. Samsung was the first smart phones that use biometric scanning for the smart phones ...

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Time to change your ebay account password because of Cyber attack


Ebay is one of the most famous ecommerce companies which were established from 1995 by Pierre Omidyar. Most of the internet users all over the world purchase their needs online using ebay which has about 128 million users all over the world. Yesterday in press release meant that the ebay website had hacked and the attacker had compromised email address, ...

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Bitly facing Data Breach


Bitly was one of the most famous URL shortening services which were founded in the year 2008 based in New York which shortens more than one billion links for a month for social networks, email and SMS etc., Recently in a blog post, Bitly had issued a security warning to update the bitly account after the company suspected that some ...

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Microsoft Patch for Zero Day Vulnerability is now available including Windows XP

IE Zero Day Vulnerability

Recently FireEye Research Labs identified Zero Day Vulnerability on all Internet Explorer from Version 6 to 11. The vulnerability has the capability to provide the Remote Code Execution flaw. Now the security patch is available for the Zero Day Vulnerability which helps the user from flaw. And also the patch was also released for Windows XP. The highlight is already ...

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