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Avira Mobile Security for iPhone and iPad

avira security backup

Avira designed a secure backup for iPhone and iPad devices. Most of the iPhone users had downloaded this app and the usage of it increasing rapidly. This provides the online backup for your devices for data backup and security. Avira security backup was one of the most innovative software that allows you to backup your audio, video files and manage ...

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Protect Shield by Google

google protect shield

Google had launched the Project Shield as an initiative to expand Google’s own Distributed Denial of Service (DDOS) which can protect from cyber attacks and the protect the website to operate in high-risk conflict zones. Protect Shield was exposed on Monday at Google Ideas Summit which was held in New York, N.Y. As of now Protect Shield has Google DDOS ...

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Yandex – Russian’s Google


  Yandex stands fourth place in the list of search engines. Yandex is a mostly used search engine in Russia. We can say that it like Google in Russia. This holds about 60% market share in Russia. It is also available in English language. In Ukraine and Kazakhstan holds the largest presence of Yandex.     Yandex provides the email ...

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Disney Mobile’s Toy Story 3


Toy story is one most popular movie. Temple Run is one among Disney which is popular. Now Disney brought a New Game for computers, iOS and Android Phones is Toy Story 3. This game becomes on the most popular games since it is in 3D physics puzzler. It provides to use the laws of Physics other than finishing the target ...

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Miniduke – Malware via PDF Said Kaspersky Labs


New Malware called MiniDuke was a new malware detected by Kaspersky Lab and CrySys Lab. This MiniDuke takes the responsibility to manage says the internet resources. At present it is found that the MiniDuke has been in attack of European institutions and government entities in Portugal, Ukraine, Romania and other have been targeted according the security researcher. Kaspersky believes that ...

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