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WhatsApp is now available as native desktop app


Today WhatsApp had launched the user’s most awaited desktop app that helps the users to share information and emoji with more efficient and effective. Already WhatsApp is available as the browser edition which provides the web based solution whereas now the native desktop edition, it helps the users to store long history of communicational information and also with the keyboard ...

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Beware – Typosquatting Error May leads to Malware is growing


Recently it is found that the typosquatting attack is growing largely when compared to early’s.  Typosquatting is form of attack which is also known as URL hijacking or fake URL that perform the action of forwarding to the cybersquatter websites when the user mistype the website address. Netflix.om is the website address which is different from Netflix.com, the difference is ...

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Apple announced iPhone SE – the most powerful 4inch Phone


Recently Apple CEO Tim Cook announced the introduction of smaller 4 inch iPhone version which is called iPhone SE. the introduction of iPhone SE for the users who needs smaller pocketable devices with the high tech specifications. According to the resources, the iPhone SE is available in silver, gold, space gray and rose gold colors with the capacity of either ...

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Smart watch by Nixon – The Mission

Nixon Mission

Smart Watch is one of the most advanced wearable technology device, which helps the users to use in most of the mobile applications and in recent years the growth of smart watch is tremendously high. There are various major companies were into smart watch manufacturer like Sony, Samsung, Pebble, Motorola, Apple and much more. Recently Nixon one of the most ...

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Customer contact details were exposed after website cPanel hacked


cPanel is a website hosting company, provides various benefits to the users and make it simpler for their web hosting. Recently according to the internet resources, that cPanel was hacked in the weekend and the contact details were exposed in public. Customer information like name, contact details and their salted passwords which means encrypted password were exposed to public. Company ...

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New Data Compression Algorithm that makes your chrome faster

chrome brotli

Google Chrome browser is one of the most widely using web browser. Recently Google announced that the browser will get update with the new data compression algorithm that makes your browser much faster. Earlier Google used zopfli, data compression algorithm which was released before two years. It uses the combination of LZ77 algorithm and Huffman coding for data compression. Zopfli ...

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