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Malware that attack *nix web server s – Mayhem


Security researchers were keeping on working on cyber security issues and everyday it keeps on going. Recently security researchers Andrej Kovalev, Konstantin Ostrashkevich and Evgeny Sidorov employees of Russian based search engine Yandex found a new malware that targets Linux and FreeBSD web server named Mayhem which has the capability to provide malicious activities over the servers and also has ...

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Pushdo Malware is continuing its attack on 11,000 Computers in a day

Pushdo botnet

Cutwail botnet is found is 2007 which sends spam e-mails. Trojan component called Pushdo which helps to install the bot on the infected machine. The target of this malware is Microsoft windows. As per record, it is calculated that cutwail botnet was the one which affected large number of computers by June 2009. Cutwail Botnet is also known as “0bulk ...

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Security Vulnerability on Android phone applications that can make calls without permission

android vulnerability

Security vulnerability is on android phone that allows malicious applications to make calls or send USSD without permissions. Curesec research team had already reported to Google Inc., last year about this bug and it is noticed in version 4.1 according to the internet sources. While installing the application on android phone, the application should notify and need permission to make ...

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Yahoo Aviate Launcher – Intelligent automatic Simplification for your Phone

yahoo aviate

Aviate an intelligent app that adds your android home screen which automatically shows what you need was acquired by Yahoo earlier this year. After yahoo acquired Aviate, the android app is formally launched Yahoo Aviate Launcher in play store which helps you to simplify your screen automatically and update you according your daily needs. Yahoo Aviate has some best key ...

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Steps to Dissect Android Simplelocker Ransomware


Simplelocker is a ransomware that decrypts files on victims’ android mobile and demands to pay some ransom for decrypting the files. Earlier there are more types of ransomware are used by the attacker on desktop and laptops like CryptoLocker, Cryptowall where as SimpleLocker was the first ransomware to infect android based mobile phones. Earlier this month ESET detected the ransomware ...

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Customer Details of Dominos Pizza was stolen

Domino pizza hacked

Hacker group by the name Rex Mundi claimed that they had hacked into Dominos Pizza server in Belgium and France. They were also downloaded the customer details of about 592,000 records in France and about 58,000 customer details from Belgium database. The customer details include username, password, address, phone number and delivery instructions are all included. They also demanded ransom ...

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