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VLC Player is now back on Apple iTunes

vlc on apple

  VLC player by VideoLan was one of the most commonly used video players all over the world. By the year 2011 VLC player was removed from iTunes due to some reasons. Now VLC player was again back on Apple iTunes. VLC for Apple iTunes helps you to play all types of video files without making conversion. The features also ...

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Laptop works on Solar Power

solar powered laptop and colors

  Computers and internet are most common need for all humans in today’s man kind. In much more computers can changed to mobile phones. On the other side the laptop was the most needed electronic device for all their needs. On the next step the battery backup which is also most needed for the laptop users. The users need to ...

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Self Destruction Photos for Facebook


  Sharing photos are the one which most widely used. Uploading the photos and sharing the photos with friends and families using social network was the important one in today’s world. In this life span privacy is much needed and also same as sharing, defining the friends who can view the photos and person who has the rights can access ...

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Google and Motorola to Moto X

Motorola Moto X

  Last week, Motorola and Google launched the new smart phone Moto X with most advanced features. This is first Smartphone that results on the combination of Google and Motorola was released on earlier of this month. The biggest innovation was the touch less control which allows the user to customize and use according their needs. The screen size of ...

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Tox – An Alternate to Skype


  Skype is one of the most widely used applications for video conference, instant messaging and screen sharing. Tox is one of the new application which is arise shortly will have the same feature as Skype and much more. Tox is the free software that the processing of development is ongoing which allows you have your private conversation with your ...

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Quip – your new word processor

Quip for desktop

  In this modern world, note taking and sharing documents was one of the most important needs for all kinds of mobile and computer users. Quip was one of the best apps that help you to share your documents and it helps you to make your collaboration easy since it combines the messages and documents into single thread.   This ...

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