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Apple 50 Billion App Download Contest

Apple contest

  Apple is reaching for 50 billion downloads and at present at Apple the download reaches 49,262,xxx,xxx as of now.  To celebrate this apple has launched the contest. For the person who downloads the 50 billion app will could get $10,000 Apple store gift card by Apple. The reach Apple download counter page click here     The official rules ...

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Remote Desktop with Google Hangout

Google Logo

  Everyday Google adds some features to it. Recently Remote Desktop via Google + Hangout is updated. Now the Hangout can be included for screen sharing and you can even troubleshoot the other machines remotely which is one of the boons for IT support engineers. You can keep chatting, making some video presentations, meetings online and much more features. You ...

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Talkz – New Voice Messenger App

Talkz -logo

  In this fast world we need everything to be fast and simple. In this enterprise world the first level of communication goes to Email and then to SMS. Talkz will be one of most advanced app for both audio and text which takes the second level of communication.   You can compose your message either by voice or text ...

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Skype video call from Outlook.com

skype - outlook

  Now Microsoft outlook.com support to make call directly via Skype. In July Microsoft launches outlook.com for its mail service. Since from the release there are various updates with the new features are added to it. But it seems Skype is missing. Now Microsoft announced that now Skype video call can be made directly from outlook.com.   Now initially add ...

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Google Now is released successfully for iOS

Google now voice

Google Now a personal virtual assistant which is available for Google Android phones is now available for Apple iOS. Google is one the world’s best search engine which helps to find the answers for our questions. Google Now which gets you the right information in right time and you can use it through voice control which is a more and ...

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Meebo Bar is getting retired

meebo logo

  Meebo Bar is a tool that published on a website to make easy for the users. The bar also uses cookies for keep tracking on the browser histories. In 2012 Google purchase Meebo, and now Google owns. Google announced that meebo bar will get retired by June 6 2013 and so it ask the users to remove it from ...

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Internet via Micro LED – Lifi Network


  Yes we can connect to internet via LED bulbs in our home. This type of network is said to be Lifi Network. Germany Researchers from the Henrich Hertz Institute (HHI) have successfully transmitted 3Gbps of data using LED networks in the laboratory. The concept Visible Light Communication (VLC) or LiFi was one of the best attentions in the technology. ...

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Cyber attack on Living social


  On Friday this week, Living social was in cyber attack. Living social is one of the second largest daily deal companies which were attacked and it has affected more than 50 million customers all over the world.  Living social is one of the best website that provides many discounted gift certificates. The company was founded as Hungry in 2007 ...

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Google Glass Vs Telepathy One


  Google Glass has now had the competition with Telepathy One which is the one of the wearable computing device developed by Takahito Iguchi and his Team. Google glass is now available for few members where as the Telepathy one becomes the cheapest gadget and also the alternative for Google Glass. This Telepathy one has the built in camera, a ...

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